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The difference between steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels

2018-09-01 13:12:34

  The first to appear is the steel wheel hub.
  The wheel has a large weight and a poor shape, and it is a word that is ugly.
  There are also disadvantages such as easy rusting and poor heat dissipation performance, but at the same time, it has the advantages of low cost, impact resistance, high strength and strong carrying capacity.
  Endured the "spicy eyes" of steel wheels for a long time, and in 1958, the aluminum alloy wheels were finally cast.
  The use of aluminum alloy as the raw material of the wheel greatly increases the value of the hub, and also reduces the weight of the hub. It can be said that there is no wind in the limelight, and aluminum alloy wheels occupy the dominant position in the market.
  The aluminum alloy wheel is made of a low density aluminum alloy. It has the advantages of light weight, various shapes, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation performance, etc., but it also has disadvantages such as poor impact resistance and high cost.