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There are so many secrets in a car wheel !

2018-09-04 14:53:55

  As a consumer or a car owner, do you have some secrets about our car wheels when buying a car?
  It is said that the tires are like our shoes, and the wheels are naturally our feet, but it seems that we don't pay much attention to this part, and this "foot" also has a lot of knowledge. In this issue, we have come to popularize some basic wheel knowledge, which is helpful for car owners to buy and use cars.
  The wheel hub is also called a rim and a tire bell, because it is a cylindrical shape of a tire-supporting tire, and a metal part centered on the shaft, which differs in shape, material application, and size.
  How did the wheel come?
  In the long long ago, the prototype of the wheel has already appeared. Our common stone to stake is the carrier tool used for transportation in ancient times, and then the wheel on the carriage. The appearance of the wheel of the car also evolved from the carriage. Come, and the early wheels have a feature that the entire wheel is a dense spoke, similar to a bicycle wheel, and the concept of the wheel hub and rim of this period is very clear, not like the wheel we now say. The entire part between the tire and the axle.
  During the period from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the rims, hubs and spokes began to merge through the casting process, and the wheel style began to change, followed by the steel wheels we will use now. The characteristics of the steel wheel hub are that it looks very heavy and simple, and the color is single. With the development of the automobile industry, it seems to be incompatible with the design.
  In the 1930s, the German technical breakthrough laid the foundation for the development of aluminum alloy wheels; in 1958, the overall casting of aluminum alloy wheels appeared, and most of the models on the market now are equipped with aluminum alloy wheels. The characteristics of the aluminum alloy wheels are diversified and light in weight, which is a qualitative leap compared to steel wheels.
  Here are some interesting things about steel wheels. Although it is simple and practical, the value is really low enough, and the appearance of many models is really not on the side, so some people invented the "beautification" tool - the hub cap, the effect of loading is different. In the case that the aluminum alloy wheels are popular, the wheel hub covers are now only available on some entry-level low-profile models, and they are simply not worthy of the pickup or the micro-face. Nowadays, the patterns of the wheels are endless. There are many changes and progresses from the technical technology to the design. We have prepared dry goods for everyone after the article, and then let's see.
  What are the components of the wheel?
  Ok, let's get some advanced knowledge of the wheel, we still have some advanced knowledge. We looked at all kinds of wheels and they all looked good, but with regard to the composition of the wheels, the meaning of the information points marked above is all known. Here, the fat editor will give you a detailed chat. The steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels used in the most models on the market today are made of various metal materials.
  In addition to the design style and type of the hub, many of the components are the same, mainly composed of rims and spokes. In addition, all hubs contain many parameters, such as edge slot level, weighing level, pitch, offset, width, and so on.
  Wheels have the same information points as tires, but the information points of the hubs are usually displayed on the inside, and you should carefully observe them. Knowing the information points above, you know how to choose your tires, mainly by the hub width (determining the tire width). Wheel hub offset (the smaller the offset, the more the wheel hub will be out of the car after installation; the friction vehicle suspension system appears when the offset is too large), the size of the center hole (determining whether the wheel can be installed), the hole distance (decision) Whether the wheel can be loaded or not) is determined by four parameters.
  There are three situations when the average car owner upgrades the tire: 1. Keep the diameter of the hub and only change the width of the tire.
  2. Keep the width of the tire and only change the diameter of the hub. 3. Increase the diameter of the hub while widening the width of the tire. By formula: hub diameter x25.4 tire width x flat ratio x2 (rim diameter is inches, need to be converted to mm mm, 1 inch = 25.4mm) can be calculated, you can refer to the hub width and the corresponding table of the tire to replace the hub . Only after proper calculation can you choose the right tire
  In the purchase of the wheel hub, in addition to pay attention to the corresponding parameters, try to choose a brand and regular channels, such as those online shopping low-cost Taiwanese products, high imitation wheels can not believe, light good-looking useless, fake goods No good. In addition, the models on the market will be equipped with a variety of wheel hubs according to different configuration differences. Some car brands can also provide personalized options to meet consumer demand. Of course, the price is not low, but the advantage is that the wheels are original.